Raja Ravi Varma Archive in The Kilimanoor Palace, Kerala

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Kilimanoor Palace Trust and Baroda Heritage Art Gallery of Baroda have jointly developed a new archive of Raja Ravi Varma art works by collecting Digital Print copies of all Paintings, Oleographs, Books, Documentaries, Movies, Songs etc. from all sources.

This Educational Ravi Varma Archive has been provided with a large size TV also for Audio – Visual presentation of the entire archive for educational purpose. This Archive Educational Package will also be available to Fine Art Educational Institutes for conducting short term course and to Art Museums who are exhibiting Raja Ravi Varma paintings, for increasing awareness about impact of his art style on Indian art history, culture and Popular Art form.

A new website www.RajaOfArt.com has been launched, and entire archive has been uploaded on it so that all information collected is available to everybody on line from anywhere any time. In coming time we are contacting all museums and collectors of his original Paintings and Oleographs so that people can download any of Ravi Varma’s Paintings and Oleographs in high resolution for printing by themselves.

This use of current Digital Printing technology and Internet for providing easy access of his famous art style to public is extension of Raja Ravi Varma’s initiative 100 years ago when he used that time’s new LITHOGRAPHY colour printing technology for making copies of his famous paintings to make them easily available at low cost to public for art appreciation. This initiative of Raja Ravi Varma made him most popular artist of all times among Indians, while still keeping his original paintings reputation and value high till today.

Contact : Om Prakash, Director, Baroda Heritage Art Gallery, [email protected] , Mo. 9898221602